Naked Layers


Naked Layers is a series of film vignettes which explore themes related to black women and the body. Inspired by the Hottentot Venus and black feminist texts, the project addresses the multi-dimensional experience of black womanhood projected by mainstream media and the dynamic perceptions of self. The videos explore body image and identity, representations of black women in media, vulnerability and shame, and attempt to shift the lens of the black woman as object.




Naked Layers was recently exhibited in Looking to the Self, Looking into Others: An Intersectional Conversation hosted by Garner Arts Center and ArtShape Mammoth at the Garner Arts Festival 2017.


Naked Layers 'Mud Pt. 1' was screened at the Black, Brown + Digital 2015 event Sex: Exploitation, Exploration and Expression


An interview about the Naked Layers project with Tanisha Christie for Project Inkblot - Artists Novel Idea and Kyana Brindle on Black Female Identity